Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Group's Travel Rules 101-6. We Look Out For Each Other

Or, How To Make Sure We're Still Talking To Each Other At the End of the Trip - 6

Part of travelling together successfully as/with a group is looking out for each other.  True, we have informally assumed roles in the course of our travel adventures: Nancy and Tony look out for promo fares and book them for us, Millet checks out locations, hotels and van rentals. On the day of the trip, Beth brings sandwiches or snacks for everyone (which we all begin eating as soon as we arrive in the pre-departure area!).

One time we arrived at our hostel in Hongkong to discover that the room assigned to Tony was just a little bigger than a broom closet; immediately, Beth and Boy whisked him off to their bigger room.  

Looking out for each other means packing only what you can carry, although the husbands in the group sometimes gladly carry stuff for their wives ;-)  

Looking out for each other extends to sharing chores among the group members. For example, Tony and Javy are the official photographers by virtue of their fancy cameras and thingies.

Javy and Mats try to catch the waves in Batanes

Tony shoots the hanging coffins in Sagada

However, we make sure they get in the picture sometimes, or we take pictures of them, too, so that they have something to show the folks back home.

Viewing Mt. Kalawitan in the Cordilleras

Snatching a few zzzs in Pandan Island, Palawan

Sometimes we even let them face the camera.

Looking for tree spirits in Sagada

Trying to pole dance on a boat in Honda Bay

On one trip to KL, Tony discovered that the best way to take a shot of Boy and Beth with the Petronas Towers in the background was by sprawling at an angle on the pavement. Of course somebody had to support him...

...and support him some more.

That's right, we look out for one another. 

"A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." - Tim Cahill